Kropki (Dots) – elements of tactics and strategy

The Double Attack

On his first move, Blue puts two red dots at risk of being taken. In the next turn Blue executes his threat and captures one of them.

animation - the double attack

The Ladder

Thanks to the dot located in the upper-right corner (the anchor), Blue is able to capture a red dot (or dots, if Red does not anticipate the danger) by means of the procedure known as ''building a ladder'' (see the animation below). Note that this attempt would be futile without the support point provided by the anchor.

animation - ladder

The Net

In the initial position below Blue will not suceed in building a ladder, however, another procedure, called ''casting a net'', gives him an upper hand.

animation - the net

The Strategy of Playing for Pools

A pool is an empty space encircled by dots of the same color. As the end of the game draws near, the available space for placing dots on the board shrinks. Consequently, both players may find themselves forced to place their dots in the pools (if there are any). See variants for applicability of this strategy under various rule sets.

The animation below illustrates several stages of a game in which Blue applies the strategy of playing for pools. In the first stages, Red tries to encircle blue dots, while Blue is busy building pools. Eventually, Red wins the battle and captures one blue dot. Nevertheless, near the end of the game Red is forced to place his dots in the blue pools thereby losing the war and the game.

animation - pools

If you find the strategy of playing for pools appealing, choose ''Playing for Territory'' rules! If you loathe this strategy register now and choose ''No Territory'' rules!