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Here you can play Kropki against a computer or a human.
Don't know how to play? Read the game rules.
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Turn the sounds off or on:

sound for invitation
sound at the game start
sound after move
(only in games between human players)
sound when a new (invisible) message arrives
sound when a new (visible) message arrives

only for registered users

only for registered users

Warn against running out of:

my time
oppponent's time
any player's time, when I'm a spectator

turned on when time left less than:  change

only for registered users

Change your default game rules.

You may save your recent settings as default:

You may change the above settings by clicking some free user and preparing an invitation (you do not have to actually invite, after setting the options you may press cancel).

only for registered users

Change the dot size.

UstawRozmiarKropki1 UstawRozmiarKropki2 UstawRozmiarKropki3

Change the width of an enclosure border.

1 1.5 2 2.5 3 4 5

Change the width of a manually drawn enclosure.

1 1.5 2 2.5 3 4 5

Show rules under the board

yes no

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Aby się zarejestrować, kliknij log out w prawym górnym rogu, a następno wybierz zakładkę 'register'.

Load palette:

only for registered users paste here the 'palette-word':
  • Main window
    • main window frame:
    • background outside:
    • background inside:
  • Górne menu
    • links at the top:
    • tło górnego menu:
    • tło noaktywnych zakładek:
    • kolor napisu zagram.org i usernameu:
  • Board
    • board background:
    • coordinates:
    • grid:
    • coord. background of selected dot:
    • selected dot coordinates (below board):
  • Kropki
      stary nowy nowy bez cieniowania
    • kropka gracza 1 -- środek:
    • kropka gracza 1 -- brzeg:
    • kropka gracza 2 -- środek:
    • kropka gracza 2 -- brzeg:
  • Państwa, baseny
    • państwo gracza 1 -- środek:
    • państwo gracza 1 -- brzeg:
    • basen gracza 1 -- środek:
    • basen gracza 1 -- brzeg:
    • państwo gracza 2 -- środek:
    • państwo gracza 2 -- brzeg:
    • basen gracza 2 -- środek:
    • basen gracza 2 -- brzeg:

    • rysowane państwo -- brzeg:
    • narysowane państwo -- brzeg:
  • Chat
    • chat background:
    • tło nagrywanego chata:
    • tło noaktywnej zakładki:
    • kolor tekstu w zakładkach:
    • tło prywatnego chata (dookoła rozmowy):
    • tło prywatnego chata (rozmowa):
    • chat input background:
    • chat input background prywatnego:
    • chat text: time+msg:
    • chat txt: reg. username/main chat:
    • chat txt: guests:
    • chat txt: player 1:
    • chat txt: player 2:
  • List of players and games
    • background:
    • not clickable texts, i.e. 'now playing':
    • games and players (clickable):
    • rated games:
    • stoły z analizą:
    • current table, text color:
    • current table, background:
    • not clickable players:
  • Pop-up windows (i.e., invitation)
    • frame:
    • background:
    • text color:
  • Move history
    • background:
    • text color:
    • rules and game result info:
  • Info about players
    • player 1 (username and clock):
    • player 2 (username and clock):
    • score background for player not on move:
    • score background for player on move:
    • background of +60s and pause buttons:
  • Kibice
    • list of spectators background:
    • not clickable text in list of spectators:

Do you like the changes? Don't forget to save!
METHOD 1. Copy and save (for example in some file) 'palette-word':
If you find your palette better than the default one, please share it -- paste 'palette-word' on this page.

METHOD 2. Save your palette on the server. It will be automatically loaded after logging in. only for registered users
Information about the server

Brak danych -- serwer wyłączony?
Last restart of the kropki server:
Difference in time (universal time according to your computer - universal time according to the server): s.
Current time according to the server:
your local,

Information about the table

Current table:
The table exists since

Game has started at:
Game has finished at:
Duration of the game:

Information about the players

Current number of players:
Open games

Your open game
people that want to play:
You're about to invite player .
You may leave a challenge.

New game     Clone of an old game
Choose board size:
20x20     25x25     30x30     39x32    
no territory only

9x9     13x13     15x15     19x19    
territory game onlyterritory game onlyterritory game onlyterritory game only
Enter the sgf number: Number ok? - click here to check.
choose time limits:
initial amount of time (minutes):
amount of time added after each move (seconds):
time na ruch (sekund):
game rules ?
Rulespossibility of terr. playpossibility of manual enclosuresSTOP button
for territoryYESYESno
no territorynonoYES
old standardYESnono

Details: click blue question mark.
instant win when one wins by
15 dots   30 dots   no limits  
starting position
X in the center 2X in the center 4X random   handicup: 0 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
who starts with additional dots, i.e., plays with blue colour
I start opponent
type of a game: unrated


Player wants to play with you on a board .
Do you accept?

Default game settings: Description:
Aby się zarejestrować, kliknij log out w prawym górnym rogu, a następno wybierz zakładkę 'register'.
Player's resistance against blocking: .
I ignore chat messages from this player: .
Ignoring private chat messages

Automatic ignoring
Nie można teraz grać z komputerem.
Zaproś kogoś for a game.
Move tree

Time added to players' timers by opponents:
new game
read the rules on the bottom of the board
Game rules: Click a marble and then a free square. Arrange marbles of the same colour in horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines. A line will disappear when you set five or more marbles of the same colour.
show no trace of marble
current chats

chat with

load chat
delete chat
To start a private chat, click a square at the left of the username of a person, with which you would like to talk. A window will appear; click 'start private chat' in the upper part of the window.

Buttons '(load last)' and '(load all)' load usernames of your interlocutors from the last hour, or (respectively) all since the last server restart.
0 : 0
▐ ▌+30 : +30▐ ▌
Place a dot...
Make enclosures: click on an opponent's dot to close, or click on your dots in a successive manner to form the border(s).
Manual enclosure: click on your dots in a successive manner to form the border
A word of caution: after pressing STOP you will NOT BE able to place any dots on the board. Your opponent may then capture all your dots that are not solidly connected to an edge of the board in which case the surrounded dots will be counted and the winner will be determined.

Are you sure you want to stop placing your dots?
Finish the game?

You may
Game cloning

You may clone this game and play on the clone as

After pressing a button above the clone will appear in open games.
You may also publicly analyse this game at zagram.org:
Niektórzy zarejestrowani players mogą analizować publiczno gry na zagram.org.
Deleting a message

Player: , resistance against blocking: .
Actions (some may be unavailable)
  • delete this message
  • delete all messages of this author
  • hide new messages from this user:
    on this table for: 2 min / 10 min / 1h / 4h / 12h / 24h / 48h
    on all tables: 2 min / 10 min / 1h / 4h / 12h / 24h / 48h
    Hiding user's messages: user can write in the chat and sees their own messages. Other people do not see these messages on the main table, and on player's table these messages are hidden from spectators.
    As a result, the user will usually not notice that their messages are being hidden.
    This should NOT be used against 'normal' users, but rather on trolls, whose *every* message deserves being deleted (usually they spam on the main table only).
    Note: users are never blocked on their own tables.
  • blocking (for 2 minutes) on the main table players with resistance 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
    Blocking messages: player may (try) to write on the chat, but their messages will not be accepted. Player will thus see that she/he has been blocked.

Warning: it is not possible to undo actions!
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